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August 27 Astrology Reading

Tonight brings the Moon in (Cancer) Opposition Pluto (Capricorn). Pluto is a symbol of extremes, and Moon Pluto aspect suggests the extreme power of your emotions. Used consciously, this means your emotions are directed toward a purpose, and will attract support from others.

This Opposition emits positive vibrations.  Your colorful and personal magnetism will extend to every facet of this day.  You always look on the bright side of any issue and smile.  Almost all of us wish to have this dashing and great personality more visible, allowing us the ability to confidently move about in life. Approximately 85% of our success and happiness will be a result of how well we interact with others. Ultimately, it is our personality that determines whether people are attracted to, or shy away from us. While being born or raised to have a great personality is not what all of us are blessed with, learning certain traits consciously and letting certain attributes be refined as we grow help us in obtaining an endearing personality. Everyone enjoys the company of someone who makes them laugh, or smile, so look for the humorous, quirky side in a situation – there always is one.

If you were born on August 27th, you love being the center of attention and find yourself often surrounded by admirers.  You are generous to others, but realize they must follow their own paths.   Your sense of adventure and your natural curiosity will always lead you to your greater good.   You often let your imagination carry you away, as you forget to stay focused.  You have determination and lots of original ideas.   Shrewd and independent, you like to know what motivates others.   You are loyal to those you love, but you won’t tolerate too many restrictions on your freedom.

Daily thought for August 27th: One never hugs one’s good luck so affectionately as when listening to the disclosures of some horrible misfortunes which has overtaken others.

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