Daily Astrology

August 30 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence. Take time to reflect back on your old goals and set yourself new ones.

Too often people don’t realize their full potential because they are afraid to step outside of what makes them comfortable. While it might feel good to only do what you confidently know how to, there’s a very good chance this habit could also be holding you back from personal growth. Opportunities you might not be able to see just yet could be lying in wait in places you haven’t imagined. The right people will motivate you to become the absolute best version of yourself, without changing who you really are…just by being around you. The right people will be pursuing their own dreams and therefore believe it is possible – so they will encourage you to follow your own, even if they don’t have to say anything to do it.  When you look for the right people, look for trust.  People who effectively build trust are always investing in others whereas those who cannot be trusted are heavily focused on themselves. Someone who is particularly relaxed and open and spontaneous when meeting strangers, even if lacking charismatic gestures or niceness, and acts normal, are usually the most trustworthy ones, because their sense of trust is properly placed within themselves, and not in what others think or say about them.  With the right people and your new goals, you can accomplish anything!

If you were born on August 30th, you have the ability to be both soft and loving, though tough and disciplined. In business you act in a straightforward manner that’s honest and sincere, although at times you’re a bit too outspoken. You love to travel and interacting with people from all walks of life.  By cultivating self-confidence, you are more able to take care of your needs. With your positive attitude, you will make others happy.  In your pursuit of happiness, avoid being lazy and overindulgent. You are looking for true love, but few are able to live up to your high ideals. You are usually willing to work at keeping the peace in your relationships and rarely give up easily.

Daily thought for August 30th: We create our fate every day. Most of the ills we suffer from are directly traceable to our own behavior.

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