Daily Astrology

August 31 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is in Trine with Pluto. This is a time when the Moon Trine Pluto increases your emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel things more powerfully and are likely to be transformed by your intense emotional reactions. Moon Trine Pluto brings a time of powerful gut instincts and the ability to easily sense danger. Tonight, we seem to be able to sense things below the surface, and this includes how other people feel. It is also a time of being incredibly protective of loved ones and we seem to have the ability to bond with others at a deeper level.

This Moon brings with it inspiration.  It’s a day to shine and inspire others with your many skills in solving difficult problems involving difficult people.   It’s that stick-with-it personality that makes things happen.  We are all a “work in progress.”  The real purpose of our life is to evolve and grow into the whole person we are capable of being.  Listening goes beyond the ears and mind as well. If you are listening intently, your response should come from a place of understanding, or, from the heart. People want to know that you care because they are so accustomed to dealing with people on a daily basis that don’t care, and listening shows you do.  Manners go a long way. A simple please, and thanks, and good manners, are always an appreciated quality.  A great goal is to create harmony and happiness for you and those around you. You are easily winning people’s hearts.  Keep your feet on the ground and maintain your emotional balance and the world will be your oyster.

If you were born on August 31st, admiration is as important to you as financial compensation. You like knowing that your work is considered useful and your efforts appreciated. The key to your success is in your compassionate understanding of people and situations.  You excel at bringing order out of chaos. Your enthusiasm is your best asset. Because of your knowledge and understanding of people, you know the value of affection and kindness.

Daily thought for August 31st: Habits are safer than rules. You don’t have to watch them, and you don’t have to keep them either, they keep you.

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