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August 4 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is in Libra. When the Moon stays in the sign of Libra we find ourselves longing for harmony and accordance. Affection and togetherness are of importance. This is because our emotional identity is shaped by our relationships with others when the Moon is in Libra, more so than with any other Moon sign.  Libra is an air sign and when it’s inhabiting the Moon, it often leads with the head rather than the heart.

Sometimes, this paring brings vibes of rebelliousness and confusion.  Learn to channel your rebelliousness to a more constructive direction. Cultivate objectivity where there is chaos.  Rebelliousness can be a negative in our lives. Some battles are not worth fighting. Some fights are worth putting in the effort when things just aren’t fair, whereas others are better left alone. Living a balanced life is key. Try respect. Respect others at all times, no matter who they are. This includes homeless people, employees, friends and family, the people who make your coffee in the morning, etc. Set a good example. Set a good example for your friends and family members, and educate them on the issues so that they can make good decisions, too. Help them to understand why these things are important, so that they’re also motivated to change their lives. By changing a few minds you can double, triple, or even more greatly increase your positive impact on the world. Be respectful of the feelings of others. They’re just as important as yours. Instead of rebelling, be inspiring. The ones who gain the most respect are usually the ones who inspire others to do great things.

If you were born on August 4th, you like money, purchasing your own home, and the peace of mind that accompanies security. Even more important than wealth and status is your need to shine and occupy the center of the stage. You often feel pulled between your need for freedom and independence and a desire for continuity that only the love and support of a long-term union can provide.  You are capable of great happiness and success. Being happy and relaxed brings out the best in you.

Daily thought for August 4th: The richest man in the world is not the one who still has the first dollar he ever earned. It’s the man who still has his best friend.

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