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August 6 Astrology Reading

Asteroid 16 Psyche is at Opposition. When 16 Psyche lies opposite to the Sun in the night sky, the solar system is lined up so that 16 Psyche, the Earth and the Sun, lie in a straight line. The story of Psyche is not just about love lost, and love re-found, but about a deeper transformation within the soul/mind … the psyche!

All this planetary action, and it’s corresponding energy, is lost on you.  You are quickly becoming bored with the mundane.  Don’t let that drag out.  It is kind of important to keep busy and not feel the state of boredom, as it kills happiness. More than likely you are just not fulfilled, for whatever reason. When people get bored, some of the first things they do is spend money, have irrational thoughts, and then crave something wild, like sky diving.  That probably won’t happen, so what we all need is to do something exciting and fun. We need to feel happy. We have a couple of ideas for curing boredom. Start a garden. Even if you don’t have any outdoor space, plant some herbs in an indoor planter’s pot. Have a makeover. Decide that you want to change your look and start reading fashion related magazines or articles and collect ideas on what you want to implement on yourself. Maybe new style of clothes or maybe change your hair?   Did you ever want to exhaust yourself just because you are bored?  Our very favorite is to dance like there is no tomorrow to your favorite tunes.  Dancing comes to a rescue as it is an amazing mood elevator. You can even learn a few steps online and dance to the beats of your favorite music.

If you were born on August 6th, you appear strong and tough on the outside, but you have inner emotional sensitivity that could produce loneliness. This loneliness is surprising as you are charming and thus able to attract friends and admirers.   In order to get love and affection, you may have to give up some of your cravings for strange experiences. Changes could include tasty and unusual meals, massages, walking, jogging and swimming. It is the unexpected that you crave.  Do your best every day and take life as it comes.  Try to integrate your love for the unique and unusual into a stable daily life.  You possess a love of beauty and luxury and enjoy sharing.

Daily thought for August 6th: Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

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