Daily Astrology

August 7 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon brings energy to keep moving forward despite the fears, doubts and any emotions that can get in your way. Utilize any emotional energy you have, into a creative passion for great accomplishments.

It is also a difficult time for relationships.  We expect too much of others. Others cannot live up to our personal standards or fulfill our personal needs.  We are not in this world to live up to the expectations of others, nor should we feel that others are here to live up to ours. In fact, the more we approve of our own decisions in life, the less approval we need from everyone else.  Live and let live.  It is not our job to change anyone else. It is not in our power to change anyone else. We should let other people live how they want to live. We can only change how we interact with people.  Today, practice patience and persistence and keep a positive mental attitude. You will then have a better chance of achieving your objectives and your well-earned success.  A little laughter goes a long way, and a smile eases tensions, whereas a frown can create tension.   Treat others how you wish to be treated. The golden rule is still the most important rule for getting along with others.

If you were born on August 7th, you are very adept at using humor and making light of potentially risky situations. With your natural understanding, you attract people who draw from your energy. While you can give good advice, you may sometimes find it hard to practice what you preach. Generous and warm-hearted, you genuinely care about people and once you have set your mind on a goal, you can be very determined.

Daily thought for August 7th: If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.

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