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August 9 Astrology Reading

Today’s Jupiter conjunction brings growth, adventure and responsibility that guides it. It represents a sense for development and support, which can lead to opportunities, wealth and faith. Jupiter has always been a very strong planet in astrology. It has a great influence on the success of one’s activities – dictating whether their efforts will be rewarded. Take advantage of this Jupiter connection.  Start by training your mind to think positive. Assume the best of intentions on the part of everyone around you. Most people are pretty decent, honest and are trying to do the very best they know how to. When you look for something good in their words and actions, you will almost always find something.  Settle your mind.  Our restless and impatient feelings can cause us to be continually searching and investigating at this time.   We can create chains of negative thoughts or chains of positive thoughts while on our journey.  It’s our choice.  If something is preventing us from achieving peace of mind, it’s a good idea to figure out what it is. That way, we can make a game plan for overcoming these obstacles and reaching a peaceful state.   We have to do our best to fill our minds with thoughts that will start positive chains, that will lift our spirits, that will replace depressive thoughts, which tear at us and demoralize us.  Doing this may allow our spirit to break away from the rigid order of limitations, and may allow us to feel peace, again.  Misplaced hopes and impractical dreams will give way to common sense when you assume direction and take control and begin to work for big results.   To succeed, we must make the most of what we can control, and not worry about what we can’t.   Make plans that you will stand by. Make sure when you’re in the planning process that it’s what you really want, then go for it!

If you were born on August 9th, you are confident, charming and generous. When you trust your first instincts, you possess an emotional power that gives you the ability to intuitively understand other people’s intentions. You have been willing to work at keeping the peace in your relationships which has proven to be an on-going challenge.  For you, the best is right around the corner, and it is worth the wait.  Your loving personality and charm attracts many friends and admirers.

Daily thought for August 9th: Once there is the bonding, there is never separation. Once there is love, there is always oneness.

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