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July 13th Astrology Reading

Daily Astrology

There will be a Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter. Their Conjunction symbolizes the cross, which represents a meeting of ideas – a cross roads coming together to unite and combine two paths of philosophy. This plays nicely in Jupiter’s symbolism of being a dimension of balance.

Today you will find yourself experiencing more optimism with life. You are very observant, so nothing will escape you.  It’s a day to think about the choices you make with what you eat.  What people put into their body has long been associated with their overall quality of life. This explains why healthy eating can make you feel happier.  Fresh air helps you to digest food more effectively.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so why not take a small walk outside.  More oxygen brings greater clarity to the brain, improves your concentration, helps you to think more clearly and has a positive effect on your energy level.   You tend to be curious about all sorts of foods, and you are known by your friends to be an excellent chef, so why not invest the time and try a new recipe.  You tend to be happiest when working with others, and you would be making others happy, so why not host a dinner party or an outside grilling party.

If you were born on July 13th, you usually start at rock bottom and then reap the benefits of your hard work. You always accomplish much through creative self-expression. You enjoy sparkly things and like to buy them for others as well as yourself.  You are intuitive, with deep convictions and have a strong insight into other people’s character.  When you sense that things are not right, you usually want to confront the situation and clear the air.

Daily thought for July 13th:   God never asks about our ability or our inability – just our availability.

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