July Astrology

July 17th Astrology Reading

Across much of the world the globular cluster M55 (NGC 6809) in Sagittarius (also known as the “Summer Rose Star”) will be well placed for observation. It will reach its highest point in the sky at around midnight.  This “Summer Rose Star” is symbolic of the spirit that grows within each of us when proper care and attention is applied.  It brings energy and balance.

The “Summer Rose Star” brings with it, strong loyalty and commitment vibrations.  There are people who will make commitments at the drop of a hat, thinking they can walk away from the obligation if they change their mind. But that’s just not right as commitments come with responsibility. Others can’t find the words or courage to decline a request. They end up breaking their promise; one that they never felt comfortable about making from the start. Before you dedicate yourself to something ask yourself, what is your motivation? Is it something you authentically wish for yourself or are you being pressured by other people or situation to make a commitment? If you are making a commitment, honor your word. Accept responsibility. When you make a commitment, you’re giving your word and putting your honor on the line. Act like it. When you make commitments, you are promising yourself or others that you will stand on your word.  One of the problems we have is not making commitments, it’s keeping them. When you give a commitment, your self-respect and honor hangs in the balance. If you fail to keep your commitment, your self-respect and honor will also be affected, and if you want your good will, and if you want your self-respect, to always stay at a high level, then you need to make commitments only when you are 1,000 percent sure.

If you were born on July 17th, you are outwardly strong and powerful, and also rather fragile and thin-skinned. You have a dynamic personality that’s to be reckoned with. Behind a serious exterior, you have a fine sense of humor. You are an independent thinker who prefers to work out your problems without the help of others. You learn best through experience.  You are frustrated with your life because you have not yet discovered your strengths. Lighten up and let yourself laugh.

Daily thought for July 17th:   We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

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