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The New Moon at Perihelion, the Moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth, will be at its closest point to the Sun. The Moon will pass in front of the Sun, creating a total eclipse of the Sun. Solar eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and the Earth are aligned in an almost exact straight line, with the Moon in the middle. During a total eclipse, your balance may be affected, or you may feel out of sorts, you may also feel extra sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around you.

This is a great time for positive communication with each other. Today is a day for enjoying group activities where you can experience interaction with others. Remember, everyone has something to teach you. Engaging with and connecting to other people is fun. That’s why people have parties in the first place. Smiling is a huge part of body language that typically sends the message you are receptive and open to people and their conversations. Learn to trust your own instincts so that you can overcome your inclination to be sensitive to criticism by others, and this will keep you from feeling misunderstood. The more time you spend socializing, the more comfortable you’ll be with the people around you and the less likely you’ll be to imagine that they are not friendly. Listen to each other with respect and an open mind. Show that all viewpoints are important. Always be polite.

If you were born on July 2nd, you are strong of emotion and very receptive to the feelings of others. You are classy, earthy, individualistic and aloof. You would enjoy living on a farm but don’t want to do the chores. You are a quick study. Not liking to take orders, you are particularly suited for management or executive positions. Many things interest you, and everyone knows that you are popular, adaptable and impatient.

Daily thought for July 2nd:   The end must justify the means.

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