July Astrology

July 7th Astrology Reading

There will be a Conjunction of Mars and Mercury where they will share the same right ascension with Mars passing to the north of Mercury. The aggressiveness Mars conjunct with Mercury brings to us, the independent mind, independent thoughts, words, and actions, having the courage to say what we think and brave enough to stand behind our words.

Today you will enjoy a battle of wits with another. This will result in you becoming oversensitive to criticism from others and you will feel misunderstood. Insight, wisdom and knowledge are some of your natural gifts, but you may need to master self-discipline to make your point. When communicating, refocus your attention from how you’re feeling inside to how you think the other person is feeling based on that person’s nonverbal cues. If the person seems uncomfortable with where the conversation is heading, shift gears. Though some people enjoy debating politics, religion, and sex, other people would rather keep things light. Interacting with others on such topics can make for enjoyable conversation. If you assume everyone feels as you do, though, it’s likely you’ll get started on the wrong foot and end up with it in your mouth. Music is a very good healer if you feel misunderstood. Don’t let the world beat you down, you will be appreciated sooner or later.

If you were born on July 7th you are probably rather difficult to live with. You demand a great deal of understanding and acceptance from others. Your cleverness and adaptability are sustained by your high level of energy. You are very independent and you learn best through personal experience. By developing good lines of communication with others, you are able to express your thoughts clearly and precisely, and friends appreciate that. You are at your best when you keep an open mind and do not fear the unknown. Your enthusiasm has you never feeling old.

Daily thought for July 7th:    Fingerprinting children is a good idea. It will settle the question as to who used the guest towel in the bathroom.

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