July Astrology

July 8th Astrology Reading

Some shooting stars associated with tonight’s meteor shower are expected to be visible each night from July to August. Meteor showers are good omens for romance. Today, you enjoy the thought of power and being in control, and with inner strength, should be able to rise above a complication that faces you. The responsible side of your nature will show how caring you really are. When we feel our power, we can manage our emotions and know that we matter. Instead of reacting, we can act because we have internal strength. Laughter helps you to increase the energy level of your mind as it increases the endorphins. When you laugh genuinely, your heart rate and blood flow increases. Through prayer, meditation, or simply deep thought, you can center yourself in the Universe and understand your role in something bigger and worthy. Connect your core with the world around you, and greatly amplify this inner strength. Your strength is your strongest weapon to fighting off bad things and feelings. And even though the journey is sometimes long and bumpy, inner peace is totally worth it at the end. Today, try not to be too overprotective to those you love.

If you were born on July 8th, you tend to be caring and unselfish. You are willing to work hard and are often given great responsibility. You learn from your experiences and apply the down-to-earth values instilled in you as a child to today’s challenges. You tend to go from being light-hearted and generous one moment, to critical and serious the next. You often get into hot water because you seek enlightenment. You are more concerned with results than theories.

Daily thought for July 8th:    You can accomplish more in one hour with God than in one lifetime without Him.

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