Daily Astrology

October 1 Astrology Reading

The first day of October brings vibes of enthusiasm and passion.  It is a day for zest and exciting ideas.  It’s a day to show others the way forward. You have been blessed with high energy and the enthusiasm required to succeed.   Your enthusiasm is infectious. When you show enthusiasm in something, it sparks the interest of others.  People respond to enthusiastic people. When you’re enthusiastic about what you’re doing, you and other people feel that you can overcome great obstacles. It will seem as if the entire Universe is lining up to help you achieve whatever you have your heart set on achieving. Enthusiasm does not require arm waving, raising your voice and being melodramatic. That can be faked—and instantly recognized. Real enthusiasm is a state of being.   It comes from your center. You feel it and express it in your own unique way. That’s what makes it so powerful.

People born on October 1st are idealistic, generous and romantic. When hurt, your instinct is to retreat into your protective shell and stay there until you have worked things out to your own satisfaction. You find it easy to make friends and captivate people, but you have to trust more. You have an inner dignity and pride that causes you to dislike failure.  Be careful not to be swept away by your projects and your vision. Be sensitive to the needs of those around you for they don’t understand your drive. Use your strength wisely. Let go of a past hurt so that you may grow beyond limitations. Do not neglect your spiritual self or allow your emotional side to be out of whack.

Daily thought for October 1st: Work not only benefits the mind and wallet, but the body, emotions and soul. Work keeps all parts of the human machine in order. Just as machines rust out faster than they wear out, so too, with people.

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