Daily Astrology

October 2 Astrology Reading

Tonight has a Moon of confidence.  But today you will face a dilemma. You enjoy hanging with others, but you just feel like doing things by yourself.   When you go out into the world by yourself, you are better able to focus without the distraction of social interaction. It’s like all of your senses are heightened. Suddenly flowers smell sweeter, food tastes more flavorful, music sounds more…musical.  Most importantly, doing things alone gives you time to ponder and reflect. You have more thoughts than you realize, and time alone helps you work through them. It’s meditative, and letting your mind wander unloads stress that’s weighing you down. It’s also time you can truly be yourself, or, if you don’t know who you are yet, it’s time you can use to find out. How can you be your authentic self around other people if you don’t know what that feels like to be alone?

People born on October 2nd are honest and hard working. Your friendly personality draws many people towards you. You are very popular, but sometimes you become too domineering. In romance it is hard to pin you down, you can be like a butterfly, always moving around. You are generous with your friends and family, but your feelings are easily hurt if your help is not appreciated.  With your enthusiasm, you realize you can inspire others to join you in your latest venture.  But is this the right thing to do at this time? Maybe it’s time to scale back your goals to more attainable levels.  Take some time to be by yourself.  Some decisions should wait until the time is right. A quiet confidence lessens your need to prove yourself.

Daily thought for October 2nd: Kissing and hugging releases endorphin, giving the mind and body a sense of genuine well-being that translates into better health. A kiss a day just may keep the doctor away.

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