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October 6 Astrology Reading

This October Moon lacks vibes of fortitude.  Today you will be facing a situation of importance, but you are only seeing the black and white aspects. It’s important to compromise.   In any situation where decisions are carried out, choices made, and two or more people involved, conflicts can arise.  It is a normal part of life, not anything unusual or strange.  If we are unable to work through our differences and reach an agreeable solution, this can lead to failure. It’s one thing to say you’re willing to compromise, but another thing entirely to actually action that change.  Compromise requires communication.  If either person is too angry to talk,  both parties need some space and time to calm down before they can respectfully give their ideas for compromise.  Find common ground. Figure out the points on which you both agree. Doing so helps maintain a sense of cooperation on the issue. It also helps you come to some sort of agreement. Compromise becomes virtually impossible when you’re angry or aggressive. To make sure your compromise is successful, aim to show respect for the other person and their ideas, even if you don’t agree with them. Keeping an open mind, being willing to change your expectations, and not trying to be right in the first place, might help you avoid arguments in the future.

People born on October 6th are popular and outgoing and have many friends. Your forte lies in your ability to balance the different areas of your life without losing your focus or emotional center.  With a good sense of values, you are quick at assessing opportunities and evaluating people.   Sometimes you find it hard to be realistic.  Don’t live in a dream world. By trusting your intuition, you can sense how far you can push situations and when to let go in order to avoid being hurt.  Through being responsible and adaptable, you will receive the respect and admiration of others.  You have been blessed with the grace of natural compassion that enables you to empathize with others.  People love you.

Daily thought for October 6th: He who makes no mistakes does not normally make anything.

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