Daily Astrology

October 7 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s sky lacks any positive energies of joyfulness and bliss, and can affect your thinking.  Worrying about material things is blocking your joy.   Our brains think that acquiring new stuff will make us happy.  When we make a purchase and buy what we want, we are temporarily happy and fulfilled. But the reason for happiness is not because we got what we wanted, but because for a brief period of time, we stopped wanting, and thus we experience peace and happiness. What we really want in life are experiences of freedom, peace, love and friendships, and material objects cannot provide us with any of these things. If we want happiness, there are many creative ways of finding it without spending lots of money. The best way to find joy and motivation in everyday life is to let everything go for a bit, and just getting away from all of the “noise” around us.  While doing the things we enjoy, even if it seems small or easy, the self-judgments we make (like we’re not enough, or bad, or we don’t matter) are suspended. We do it just because of the sheer delight of doing it. The world is a magical place, there is beauty everywhere. Discover what you love and do more of it.  Joy is often about living in the moment, being absorbed in what we’re doing, not brooding on the past or guessing our future. Decide what YOU really want and then go for it.

People born on October 7th are never quitters. You’re known for your ability to hang in and see things through to the end. Your wonderful, offbeat sense of humor can astonish people who don’t know you well. You realize the importance of patience and perseverance in order to realize long-term goals. Your need to overcome your feelings of inadequacy so you can stop being so overly sensitive.  Blessed with charm and a fertile imagination, you need to balance these with some form of solid foundation in life. Do not act in haste if you want to find your ideal partner.  Good communication with others is what you strive for.

Daily thought for October 7th: Don’t be discouraged. Everyone who got where he is, started where he was. Never give up on your dream. There’s still time on the clock.

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