Daily Astrology

November 10 Astrology Reading

Venus hovers near Virgo’s Spica and brings vibrations of wisdom.  Acting at just the right moment will be the key to your success. Remember, though, that no success in life is permanent, nor is any failure.   Don’t make big troubles out of little ones.  Try to live in the present.  Don’t be so weighed down by your difficulties that everything looks dark, and then be unable to distinguish between what’s crucial and important, and what things you could afford to ignore and forget.  Stop wasting time and nervous energy on unimportant things, save your energy so you can cope with the big ones.  Take things slowly, and concentrate on one idea at a time.  You have a great deal of common sense, and this will help you make right decisions.

People born on November 10th have a pioneering spirit and progressive personalities. You have a generous side that ensures your popularity with others.  Because you always seem to get caught in every detail of a project, you often see and point out the faults of others. When you are offered opportunities, think hard about the possible financial results and how it will affect others , then act responsibly.  You like to be associated with intellectual people who can stimulate your mind.  You have many alluring qualities that make so many of your friends want to spend much time with you.

Daily Thought for November 10th: Make room in your life for love, to shine like blue skies above you wherever you go, so you always know you’re in the hearts of so many people.

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