Daily Astrology

November 11 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is located close below Mars.  It is located in Capricorn and radiates happiness.  You have been looking for a worthwhile purpose.  Living with purpose gives you a goal, which leads to feeling less anxious about your direction in life. That calm about your life can pay big health dividends.  Living with purpose and passion can bring happiness. Happiness can protect you from feeling distressed. Passion means you care. Passion means you’ll have patience. Passion means you’ll do it for no reason and accept the pleasure of doing it. Passion means you’re willing to be in it for the long haul and grow. Living your purpose does not mean quitting your job, and it definitely does not mean that your life does a complete 180.  By knowing who you are, what you’re about, and why you’re here you can make a difference AND make plenty of dollars along the way. When you volunteer or help others, it feels good to just be of service to someone else. The impact we make feels fulfilling and is a big potential source for our own happiness.  It’s time to recognize that purpose.

People born on November 11th have natural charm and sociability with a large circle of friends with whom you are generous and giving. You need love and approval as these have been withheld from you in childhood, when you have not lived up to other people’s expectations.  Don’t expect that those near and dear to you know how much you love them unless you take the time to show them that you care.  Follow your instinct to stay out of debt, make sure to watch your spending and credit card limits. Your finances will increase when you learn patience and persistence.   When you put all your energies into a worthwhile project, you have the power and the capacity for great success.

Daily thought for November 11th: Go outside and look at the sky. Soak in the atmosphere. Enjoy the colors of the landscape. Feel the textures of every place you are that you’re thankful for. Smile at the world. Don’t allow any negative feelings to creep into your consciousness. Feel the power of your own acceptance. Put a positive spin on every thought you have.

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