Daily Astrology

November 15 Astrology Reading

Today, Jupiter joins Venus in the morning sky, while the Moon’s vibrations have you seeking true friendships.  Solitude holds no particular appeal for you and you actively seek the partnership and cooperation of other people.  We all have the need to feel connected to others. It’s a strong emotional and psychological drive that leads us in search of other like-minded people. One of the more frivolous reasons why we need friends is so we can have fun. Friendships are essential. We are social creatures that need friends to really appreciate life. Having good friends could lead us to get out from troubles we face in daily life, and bring us to a better understanding of what is really important. A good friend can hear us out and then offer a “yes, and…” or a “yes, but…”. And we learn so much about ourselves by being there for our friends as well. Good friends are beneficial to a great life. They accept you the way you are.  There is someone you need to reconnect with, do it soon!

People born on November 15th are extremely caring and considerate. You enjoy the good things in life and want to share them with those you love.  People in trouble are turning to you for help and support because they know that you understand their problems and difficulties.  There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do all the things you’d like to do or see everyone you want to see.  You are naively trusting unless given a good reason to be otherwise. Then it is very difficult for others to win back that trust. You have the ability to balance the different areas of your life without losing your focus. People love you and your vivid imagination.

Daily thought for November 15th:  Positive thinking is the most effective tool ever created for lifting an individual to the greatest achievements humanity can aspire to.

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