Daily Astrology

November 18 Astrology Reading

Today’s Moon is located to the left of Taurus’ main star.  It is a Moon of the Explorer.  You are known for your pioneering spirit that prompts you to strike out in new and previously unexplored directions.   You believe travel is important to broaden a person’s horizons, to help understand that we are all citizens of one world with very diverse backgrounds, opportunities and histories. Dr Seuss said, “If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” You believe that if you never try new things you will never learn what you love. Trying new things lights a fire inside you. It spurs you to look at the world in a new way. It fuels your curiosity. All these things help you learn and grow. You love being able to walk barefoot wherever you like in the forest on anybody’s land, swimming in a lake with nobody around, and being able to breathe fresh air, as it is something so simple and natural but unfortunately so hard to find these days.  You definitely are on the right path.

People born on November 18th have excellent taste in decorating, are creative, and feel a deep appreciation of all things beautiful and artistic. There is a hidden part of your nature that can manifest itself as a desire for solitude.  Often, you feel pulled in several different directions, all at the same time.  You are handling all this with confidence so people naturally trust and depend on you. You’re a good listener as well as a persuasive talker, and you are believed to be an expert in human relationships. Some regard you as an easy mark for a sob story.  When feeling sociable, you have a wish to be popular and a hope to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances.  Friends make you happy.

Daily thought for November 18th: Having spent the better part of one’s life trying either to relive the past or experience the future before it arrives, we can come to believe that in between these two extremes is PEACE.

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