Daily Astrology

November 21 Astrology Reading

The Moon has the energy of the sign, Taurus.  The sign of the bull can be daunting.  It’s time to “Lighten Up!” One of your relatives is trying to interfere in some way in your life, which you find is dampening your spirit and adding to your frustration. You want to be resentful and act with hurt withdrawal, but you are overreacting. They only mean well.  Family can be one of life’s greatest blessings when they are supportive, understanding and caring.  However, there are times, when some relatives cross the line of caring to enter the zone of meddling.  When they do this, it seems like family is no longer a blessing, it usually feels more like a curse.  Don’t let anyone control you, if they love you they will eventually accept your choices and rejoice the new you. Try to be understanding with family members for you’ll have a lot of people come in and out of your life, but your family are the only people that are never going away.

People born on November 21st are practical and charismatic and have an alluring and friendly personality. You tend to be both dynamic and dramatic and people are naturally drawn to you because of your intelligence.   Your family ties are strong. Going forward, your greatest luck comes through being yourself.  You are fascinated by travel and long to discover the world. You are more romantic than most and want a partner to share your life.

Daily thought for November 21st: Take time to laugh at your mistakes and praise yourself for learning from them.

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