Daily Astrology

November 28 Astrology Reading

The spirit energy of tonight’s Moon brings vibrations of acceptance.  You’re feeling the urge to try to change someone close to you, but that never works. Instead, tell yourself that you like them just the way they are, and mean it. Thinking these words will have the profound power to create harmony in any relationship between two people.   Acceptance of where other people are means ditching judgment and expectations of how you think people should act. It also means releasing the inferiority complexes we pick up at times when we feel more evolved spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The truth is we will never fully know what is going on in someone else’s life. We don’t know the full truth and all their stories.   Don’t try to change them, don’t allow yourself to get wrapped up in their story.  Simply accept. Then notice the positives that happen.

People born on November 28th have the urge to try new things and possess an adventurous nature and a strong desire for freedom. You are refined and sociable, with a love of beauty and luxury. Listen closely with your heart when making decisions and dealing with others, and you will know you are doing the right thing. Allow yourself to be more trusting and relaxed, you worry too much.  There’s a certain class about you that people respect and gravitate toward. Your strong family ties support you emotionally.

Daily thought for November 28th: Humpty Dumpty may have fallen from the wall. But did the king’s men even try to put him together again? If you make a mistake, make a solution!

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