Daily Astrology

November 3 Astrology Reading

Don’t worry, be happy!  Today you feel a need to express yourself through your creative abilities. Your restless side has you constantly interested in new people and places.  You are one of the creative achievers as you feel compelled to act on what you are curious about. You prefer to seek out and learn new things, and enjoy the thrill of processing the emotions of anxiety, fear and excitement with great regularity. With your natural openness to novel experiences, curiosity creates a sense of wonder and imagination, which often has been linked with the development of true happiness. Because you are endlessly curious and remain open to new experiences, it increases your probability of doing something innovative and it helps you to more naturally discover the deeper meaning and relevance of your life. You think big, work tirelessly, and are willing to be seen as weird or crazy. What a wonderful way to live!

People born on November 3rd are very intelligent with a great gift of communicating their ideas. You have a magnetic ability to captivate people when your loving side is given full rein and you feel inspired to express yourself.  In your pursuit of happiness, avoid being lazy or overindulgent, impatient and jealous. Your need for fun and appreciation makes you a good mixer. Stop doubting yourself, it is holding you back from true happiness. Once you have made up your mind, you are a force to be reckoned with. You enjoy the good life.

Daily thought for November 3rd: Most opportunities, whether financial or emotional investments, require a leap of faith. Nothing worth doing is easy. Opportunities must be acted upon, they will not act upon you.

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