Daily Astrology

November 5 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s disappearing Moon has the specific frequency of responsibility.  Beware of making a commitment you can’t keep.  When we fail to keep a promise, it communicates to the other person that we don’t value him or her. We have elected to place something else ahead of our commitment. This can result in an erosion of trust in our relationships. More importantly, we are telling ourselves that we don’t value our own word. Not keeping a promise to yourself is the same as disrespecting yourself. Eventually, it can harm our self-esteem, confidence, and experience of life.  Being kind to each other is absolutely worth it. While the world might not notice, that one person certainly will!  Remember to practice gratitude as much as you can. It’s scientifically proven to make you happier and helps you live longer.

People born on November 5th are stronger than most, individualistic, and are quick to learn. You make a good pal, but as soon as you feel restrictive chains or ropes have appeared, you disappear.  You tend to arouse emotion in others through the directness of your approach. It’s time to cultivate diplomacy and learn to be more tolerant of others. Be kind and understanding. Learn to compromise. You are not as strong and indestructible as you think you are, but better than most.  Remain open to change, take some chances.  Because of your endearing qualities, others will accept the more peculiar aspects of your nature.

Daily thought for November 5th: When you receive a gift, look beyond its surface appearance and value to see the one who gave it. Receive the giver’s present as an act of their love and desire to have a relationship with you.

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