Daily Astrology

November 7 Astrology Reading

Mars has resumed its normal eastward motion against the stars, and is speeding from Capricornus into Aquarius.   Circumstances offer you an opportunity for an exciting new direction to your life.  For example, a divorce can bring with it opportunities for a new marriage or the loss of your job will be followed immediately by an opportunity for a better and more exciting new position.  Don’t get carried away by a need for intensity. Something amazing doesn’t usually happen every day, but it does happen.  Let things happen in their own good time.  This is your chance for a new start, when you can expect circumstances to nudge you into making a major new change in the direction of your life.    Be ready!

People born on November 7th seem to have opinions on most every subject. You seek approval for your introspective questioning. You are intuitive and at your best when displaying your knowledge and expertise.  People believe you to be very astute where other people’s feelings are concerned. They will come to you for advice because you are excellent at original thinking and can put into practice, solutions that nobody else would dream of trying.   Until you can speak from authority, you learn to use silence as a tool to receive input.  You are a passionate person with charisma, but you must be careful not to let these passions carry you away.

Daily Thought for November 7th: Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.

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