Daily Astrology

November 8 Astrology Reading

Mars is gaining elevation to stand about a third of the way up the southern sky at nightfall.  This activity brings karma.  If you have done nothing to help others, you will reap nothing.  If you have been dishonest, taken unfair advantage of others, or broken the rules of life, then this is when the ultimate justice of life will begin to make you pay for your mistakes.  But if you have worked long, hard, and honestly for reasonable goals, then this is when you will begin to reap the rewards of what you want the most.  How people treat you is their karma.  How you react is yours.  (Note:  It is not too late to turn things around for the better.  Practice kindness and gratitude always.)

People born on November 8th have the ability to be all things to all people, and all races, creeds and elements relate to you and your sociability.  Your strong sense of responsibility will be recognized by others and this will help you succeed, but you may have to learn how to express your feelings to get ahead.   Bored, you need to be careful not to allow things to fall into a rut or become monotonous.   People, crowds and excitement are calling you. You have a sensual personality and expect to experience all the unknowns that life offers.  Evaluate your options and make the necessary changes.  To be happy you must select to live one day at a time. Basically you are clever and can handle a variety of interests, simultaneously.  You are drawn to those who are mentally stimulating.

Daily Thought for November 8th: What you believe about your own potential for success counts far more than what any other person may believe. You were created for success.

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