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November 9 Astrology Reading

Today brings a Moon of Introspection.  Despite the ups and downs of life, your emotional security seems to be tied to your financial security. But you’ve always had good moneymaking ideas. You love to buy beautiful things, it brings you pleasure. But you may have trouble holding on to what you earn because you love to spend.  Keeping yourself from spending it all will be your real difficulty because you like keeping up with the latest styles and trends. You tend to be quite impatient, which can lead to you not always making the best money decisions. To avoid overspending, take a little more time to do your research for the best deal before simply booking the first plane ticket or hotel that you see. You may be good at making money but you also need to put in efforts in managing it. Try and form a long-term plan for managing your money and commit to it.  When you formulate your plan, and follow your path, your emotional security will fall into place.

People born on November 9th have a creative mind full of ideas and plans. You have a natural leadership ability and are well aware that you cannot do things without the cooperation of others.   You gain through good relationships.  A capacity to combine business and pleasure is part of your makeup.  Emotionally sensitive and secretive, you prefer to be private about your personal relationships.   To be successful, save ten percent of everything you earn and put it someplace where you can’t touch it.  Resist your tendency for mental laziness.

Daily Thought for November 9th: My friend does not always say I am right, because sometimes I am not.

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