Daily Astrology

October 20 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon brings peace.  Today is a day to sit back and let matters run their course, and get ready to enjoy a serene evening.  It’s not a time for control. Sometimes, we just have to let things go and run their course. When we are engulfed with a bout of panic, we have one of two choices. We can dwell on it or we can let it go. Once you’ve let go of the past and stopped your emotional attachment to it, you’ll be able to use the experience to inform your reason, not to control you. That way, your decisions will always be based on a reasoned idea of what is best for you. You’ll learn to be more patient when life makes you wait for doors of opportunities to open up for you. You’ll learn to be kinder and more understanding when you deal with things that would require you to swallow your pride over and over. You will come out stronger and, maybe, just maybe, you will be braver.  Letting go is often the best answer.  In all the situations that you never wanted to be in in the first place, you will learn that things happen for a reason. Life works out the way it’s supposed to. When we flow with the current instead of against it, miracles happen.

People born on October 20th have great sensitivity and imagination. You have a gift for dealing with people, both at home and in public. You are always trying not to rock the boat and are often called upon to make important sacrifices in order to please others.  Calm emotions come from knowing that what you feel is your choice. There is turbulence in your life right now, see it as an opportunity to grow and know more about yourself. Use music as a tool to feel calm. Don’t get lured off the path.  You make a loyal and reliable friend, and with your natural charm, you are often popular with a large circle of acquaintances.

Daily thought for October 20th: True courage is manifest when a person chooses to take a difficult, or even dangerous, course of action because it is the right thing to do. Courage is looking beyond yourself to what is best for others.

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