Daily Astrology

October 21 Astrology Reading

The Moon shines brightly with Venus still the bright predawn focal point.  It is a glorious time for appreciation of nature and family.  Today is a day for fresh air. Get yourself outside, take a walk, try to get yourself into the country. Eat simply.  Be present and start living in the moment and appreciate all that you have. There are so many miracles that are occurring all around us, that when we stop to actually pay attention, it a complete marvel and a wonder. The simple beauty of life and consciousness is so utterly astonishing that we have to be present and appreciate it.  Start to live in harmony with nature. Today, try being extravagantly thoughtful to your friends and family.  Maybe giving small gifts for no reason is just what is needed.  It is a day to be glad.

People born on October 21st are socially inclined with many interests and contacts. You have no trouble in attracting friends and admirers and you are very charming and friendly. You believe in meaningful relationships and can be loyal to the person you settle down with. You understand the value of being fashionable, attractive and friendly. It’s important to you to help others see the color and sunshine in life.  Nothing is ordinary in your life, You know it is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis. Opportunity will knock, don’t be skeptical, believe in opportunities. Stick to your original plan until you feel the need to widen your horizons.

Daily thought for October 21st: Obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

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