Daily Astrology

October 23 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is in Aries and brings protection.  Today is not a day for taking on others’ emotional burdens as it may cause you to lose confidence in yourself.   Worrying about somebody else’s actions is a drain on our well-being. The only thing that we can ever achieve by doing this, is anxiety for us – it won’t change the other person. Everyone has responsibilities that only he or she can carry. We all have our own particular “load” that we need to take daily responsibility for and work out.  How people treat us is not a reflection of who we are, instead it is a reflection of what they are experiencing and how they deal with the world around them. While it is important that we provide emotional support to the people we love, we also need to protect our hearts from those who take advantage of our kindness, or take care of ourselves when the energy of another person sucks the life out of us, whether they intend to or not.  Do something nice for yourself today, you deserve it!

People born on October 23rd are caring and kind, and are very protective and considerate of others feelings, both at home and at work. You are the optimist. You believe that tomorrow is always another exciting day. Others believe you to be conventional and serious, but once you relax, they will see your great sense of humor. You are a hard worker, but today is the day to make time to laugh and play. Be cautious when making decisions, especially those that involve money.  People respect your success as it is built on a solid foundation of hard work. You are passionate about music and love dogs. Your canine friend is optimistic, too, and never sulks or broods. Dogs always like to play and so does the person born on October 23rd.

Daily thought for October 23rd: The greatest use of wealth is to give it away.  Self-centeredness can never bring happiness. When we meet the needs of others, we find soul-satisfaction that all the wealth in the world could never obtain.

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