Daily Astrology

October 26 Astrology Reading

Today, you will experience new vibrations of intuitiveness.  You seem to have that sixth sense about you. Ever wonder why you often have to turn off the shower because you think you hear someone calling, the phone ringing, or music playing? Or you suddenly find yourself thinking about someone who hasn’t crossed your mind in years, and soon after you receive a call or email from him, or literally run into him on the street? Today brings to light how you are one of those people who is sensitive to energy and are much more likely to be aware of the signs the Universe is sending to you. You find meaning in events and circumstances that most other people see as simply “coincidental.” Don’t dismiss this ability, be mindful of the people you surround yourself with, and allow yourself to step away from toxic people, events and circumstances when you are feeling overwhelmed. It is very important to allow yourself to be open to messages you are receiving from the Universe. There will be an important message today. Look for it.

People born on October 26th are lovers of beauty. The creative arts excite you. Beauty and the symmetry of music, decorating and entertainment are combined in your awareness on a day-to-day basis.  You have a knack for original thinking and you usually put into practice ideas that nobody else would dream of trying.  You are a strategic planner.  You fear boredom unless something amazing is happening most days. You are a good listener and are very astute where other people’s feelings are concerned.   There is a little child in you that craves the trimmings, adventures and challenges of constant new enthusiasms. You enjoy traveling and do so with imagination.

Daily thought for October 26th: What we do with our anger, hatred and frustration is subject to our will. A man is never in worse company than when he flies into a rage and is beside himself.

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