Daily Astrology

September 11 Astrology Reading

Today, you feel inspired, making it a good day to carry out your plans and ideas.  It’s not always easy to have thoughts turn into inspirations, and then actions.  If you want your life to change with brilliant new ideas, you have to be on the lookout for them, they don’t just happen out of thin air.

When you do something exciting, you feel alive. It gets your heart pumping and you reach a higher state of mind. When you’re stuck in your daily routine, you stop noticing things around you. Make a habit of noticing the details around you, of going out of your way to make small new discoveries and you will notice that they begin to appear almost on their own. Allowing yourself to get out into nature in particular can help reawaken your curiosity. You know what you love, whether it’s fresh-cut flowers, beautiful paintings, or meaningful quotes. Make these things a part of your everyday life. They’ll energize you, which can help create the right mindset for being inspired.  When you feel inspired, turn those inspirations into actions!

If you were born on September 11th, your sense of refinement and beauty is strong. You recognize the power of knowledge and utilize it to your advantage. With your insight, you are often visionary, with psychic abilities. Most obstacles in your path tend to be ignored. As a practical thinker and capable doer, you can further your creativity by learning to trust your instincts. Balance and harmony will be maintained in your life as long as you continue on your path. Try to avoid inconsistency, don’t be too critical and severe in your judgments.  Be more forgiving.  Sincere and caring, you need a stable and honest relationship.

Daily thought for September 11th: The best way to teach character is to have it around the house.

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