Daily Astrology

September 16 Astrology Reading

Today is a great day for insight.  A born sleuth, today you’ll be constantly probing and prodding for the answer to something that has been bothering you. The opinions and solutions given by others will not satisfy you.  When you let something bother you, you’re letting it control you. You’re letting that person or thing win over you.  Don’t let other people or things control you.  Only let you control you.

It’s very easy to get annoyed with people or situations, but it’s never a nice feeling. Sometimes you have a good reason and sometimes not so much … but either way, more often than not, the best option is to let things go. It’s so easy for a word or a circumstance to ruin a day, don’t let it. You are in complete control of whether or not you want something to affect you. Look on the bright side of life.  A simple thing to try is to have a YES day. On this day, you say yes to everything: questions, permission, approval, novelty, dirty, lateness, and chaos. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s only one day, so any damage done by permitting situations you would otherwise say NO to are mitigated. Remember happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone or anything else that much power over your life.

If you were born on September 16th, you often judge life according to how you feel at the moment. You have good insight and a caring nature. You are a loyal friend and a responsible partner. You enjoy living on the edge, you love to gamble, and you are very exciting to be around.  Insist on being treated fairly and being recognized for your accomplishments, as you are truly worthy.  Your talent for writing with flashes of inspiration will be noticed in the near future. Your natural business sense will lead you to good investments and attracting money.  Your creative spirit ensures that you will always be looking for new and exciting ways to occupy your mind and expand your horizons.

Daily thought for September 16th: Be patient. Allow for delays. You’ll enjoy life’s journey more.

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