Daily Astrology

September 18 Astrology Reading

You are successful at most everything you try, but you cannot accomplish what you set out to do without the help of others.   Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together. When you’re alone, you’re essentially building a woodpile in your brain. Then, when you work with others, you’re igniting a shower of sparks that might light it up.

Brainstorming sessions where we challenge our brains to come up with a mountain of ideas underneath which lies a single brilliant idea, are both relaxing and exhausting. Working with others in a brainstorming session can actually summon all the creativity that we are capable of. We don’t have to go it alone. Working with others, interacting with others, can produce very meaningful experiences. We need each other in times of private pain, of fear and stress. We need each other to share our joys, our times of happiness. We need each other to hold on to and to be strong, and encourage when things are going wrong. We need each other to keep the faith and love, and to remind each other of all the things we’re dreaming of, for the bottom lines is that we need each other, now and always.

If you were born on September 18th, you are a generous and sincere person with well developed communication skills and are both resourceful and a quick learner. You are drawn to challenges as you are easily bored. You possess a strong will power and steadfast energy. You are becoming aware of your deep emotional need for change and personal power. Although you need love and affection, stability and security may be prerequisites in your relationships. Think very carefully about the effect your ideas and manner have on those around you.   In your approach to life’s challenges, you are unusually idealistic and optimistic, and many times, you become skeptical if you’re not careful.

Daily thought for September 18th: If you are on the Gloomy Line, the Worry Train, or the Grouchy Track, get a transfer. It’s time to climb aboard the Sunshine Train and sit in one of its Cheerful Cars.

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