Daily Astrology

September 19 Astrology Reading

Today is the day to take pride in the uniqueness of your sense of style, your attractiveness, and your material possessions but be careful to not lose who you are in the process.  Feel free to live your life in the best manner as you can. But in that pursuit, be a true, authentic, and real individual. Don’t hide behind the shadows of fakery and deception. If you wish to dress differently from others, then do so.

If you want to climb a mountain, or explore a desert, do it! Don’t worry what others think. When we embrace our unique selves, we don’t try to look the way we’ve been told to look by the medias standards. In that sense, there is a deeper appreciation of every persons unique individual beauty. It’s only by digging deep into our own self that we discover ideas that resonate with others. Then we are able to see WHY we can look at something and love it, hate it, or be bored by it. And once we know why we’re responding that way, we can craft our work to evoke those specific feelings in others. We need to be happy with whom we are. Once we do that, we will realize that being happy with ourselves actual makes us unique. It is something that so few achieve and something many struggle with. Most trim, cut away parts, and mold themselves to fit into what other people want. But we aren’t going to do that, because being different is a good thing.

If you were born on September 19th, you are a capable and helpful person with refined taste. When you know what you want, you set your mind to get it. One part of you wants continual change, variety and travel, another part wants life to be safe, secure and financially solid. To others, you appear confident.  Don’t advance so much with the material aspects of your life to lose touch with your past and forget those who once meant so much to you. Be true to yourself. Don’t forget your roots. Although you are ambitious, self-doubt and insecurities may challenge your motivation. Keep your mind open to new experiences and challenges.  Your keen mentality comprehends information very quickly, and verbally you go straight to the heart of a matter.

Daily thought for September 19th: Work not only benefits the mind and wallet, but the body, emotions and soul. Work keeps all parts of the human machine in order.

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