Daily Astrology

September 2 Astrology Reading

Every tweet, text or email distracts us from the good experiences and people in our lives. Some research shows that heavy social media users are less happy than others. A recent study found that the more people went on Facebook, the more their life satisfaction levels declined.

Today is a good day to enjoy the actual physical company of others.  Don’t go it alone, today, if you can help it. Look to your friends. Friends make everything better. True friends are sources of joy, laughter, and even a healthy dose of tough love   Our friends improve our outlook on life and our general well-being, making any unpleasant experience much easier to bear. The connections we form with our friends offers that reliable support that nothing else quite matches. With friends you find inspiration in the way they approach everything in life. They are bold and never afraid to be themselves and just put themselves out there. Your true friend or confidant is someone who cares about more than having a good time, who is willing to listen when you’re in pain, and shares his or her own struggles from time to time.  A true friend knows who you truly are.  If you are looking for a friend, be that friend to someone and watch what happens.

If you were born on September 2nd, you are usually good at handling money and finances, even when you don’t have that much to manage. You are very complex emotionally. You are loyal in your own way and will usually do your best to hang in there for your family and friends.  You are a warm and charming individual with a great sense of humor that will get you out of tight spots.  Although you may sometimes seem too detached, you have a warm heart.

Daily thought for September 2nd: Before we become too impressed with our own accomplishments, we would be wise to remember that we can never achieve anything of significance on our own. There is always someone else to thank.

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