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September 21 Astrology Reading

Today, people will consider you lucky, but is it really luck?   Luck and hard work both complement each other. Do hard work, luck will find you. Doing what you love in life, showing up every single day to do your work with a smile on your face is the kind of luck you can create for yourself if only you are willing to refuse to follow the conventional path to “success,” and that also means that you need a much greater degree of self-awareness than the majority of people. And that’s already a big win. This kind of luck is often referred to as preparation.

Doing something despite the fact that you didn’t (yet) show up in the right place at the right time, say yes to the right thing, come up with the correct answer or spot an emerging trend and receive acclaim for your work, doesn’t mean you aren’t taking the right path. There’s no innovator, inventor or creator in the history of the world who does something amazing without failing at least several times first. The time before they have their breakthrough moment is when preparation takes place, when they hone their craft doing what they love. The wise words of Thomas Jefferson sums it up well: “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

If you were born on September 21st, you are sensitive, yet assertive, with an ambitious nature. You can be radical and unconventional at times, so you must guard against a tendency to be contrary just for the sake of being difficult. Think of yourself more often and cultivate independence.  Being a natural perfectionist, you have been willing to work very hard to achieve your objectives, and it seems to be working for you. You have a good business sense, with the power to make money, trust it and, for now, don’t worry about having enough funds.  Always be fair and just in your dealings.  Actively seek happiness and contentment.  Be careful of what you wish for as wishes too often come true.

Daily thought for September 21st: Criticism is always tough to swallow, but in the end it does us far more good than a diet of flattery. In either case, we should surround ourselves with, and value those who speak the truth to us, good or bad.

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