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September 25 Astrology Reading

You want to be a great friend, but to do that you must be more dependable.  Being dependable is a commitment to following through on our promises. It is getting done what we said we would get done. Unfortunately, being dependable has become a rare thing. Most people do not have anybody in their life who they can really trust. That’s because many people don’t realize that our actions, good or bad, have an effect on others.

If you want to be somebody that others trust, you need to take responsibility for what you say and do. Don’t say “sure” to something just to get people to go away and stop bothering you, particularly when you have no intention of following through. If you can’t follow through, say “no” and explain why if they ask. Most people respect you when you say that you already have a commitment or a set of commitments that keep you from adding more to your plate. You should do what you are expected to do, do it well and move on. This is how you gain a reputation for being dependable, instead of a reputation for being someone who needs attention and a pat on the back every time they do something. Dependable people make the best friends. They always say ‘Yes’. They never ditch you in times of need! At the same time, they know when to say ‘No’ and prevent you from getting into trouble. Not all of us have friends like that, but if you are blessed with someone like that in your life, you are very, very lucky!

If you were born on September 25th, Charm is one of your greatest assets when you socialize with friends and family. If you find a subject of interest that can capture your imagination, you follow your heart and don’t let anxiety and worry undermine your great potential.   Make sure you stay in tune with the feelings of those around you.  Be careful that you don’t put your career ahead of your family and friends. Bear with those who dream but do not accomplish as much as you.  You have the ability to shine and stand out in a crowd. Learn to compromise when absolutely necessary. Others notice what a good negotiator you are. You are the epitome of loyalty and elegance, and you impress others with your strength of character.

Daily thought for September 25th: Information comes in varying degrees of accuracy, whereas truth comes only in one package, labeled “The whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

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