Daily Astrology

September 30 Astrology Reading

You are often driven by power to the top in your search for financial and material success.  When you’re chasing a big goal, the kind that takes months or years to accomplish, your biggest enemy will be complacency — letting days go by without any forward motion.  Success happens when you quit living your life to please everyone around you. Success happens when you quit listening to the noise of the world and focus on what’s important to you.

No matter how far you get or how hard you work you will always want to get to the next level. Sure material things bring comfort, but they don’t bring happiness. You will always be where you are in your heart until you realize that life isn’t about material possessions. Find what makes you happy, find what interest you most, and find something that will let your creativity and your mind flourish. When you see someone who is wildly successful you look at their success in terms of the rewards it’s granted them. It might even lead you to believe they’re greedy or selfish. But oftentimes their wealth and status came from working on something that meant a great deal to them. Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Being successful means that you’re acting with responsibility and walking your walk, every day.

If you were born on September 30th, You are a born conversationalist. You are blessed with tremendous self-confidence, and are never dull or boring.   You are loaded with charm, confidence and general good humor. Your creative ideas usually find expression in some form because you’re forceful about achieving them. The early childhood experiences in your life are carried with you throughout your life and color many of your emotional responses as an adult. You succeed against the odds.  You are one of the true dreamers, and this extreme side of you nature indicates that you may have to guard against alternating moods. Your people skills enable you to reach your potential in many different areas of life. Always follow your heart.

Daily thought for September 30th: Forgiveness frees a person to receive love, and in experiencing love, they are much more likely to express it.

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