Daily Astrology

September 4 Astrology Reading

Sometime this morning, during your shower or at breakfast, you probably did a mental run-through of your day. You decided when you’d tackle various tasks and errands. Perhaps you vowed to hit the gym at lunchtime. Maybe you even plotted to get out of something. The one thing you forgot to plan for: happiness.

Today, no matter how narrow or precarious the path you are on, you must continue your journey.   But what is the right path?  Is there happiness on this path?  The only way we’re going to be happy in life is if we follow our own path and guidance. Listen to your heart. Find you passion. You need to love the path you are taking in order to be truly successful. Something that makes your heart feel warm and makes you smile.  Feel free to listen to those around you who have your best interest at heart.  It is important to keep an open mind about your options. It doesn’t hurt to listen to what others think about your choices; but remember, it is your path to take. There is no perfect path nor ever an easy one. Over time the easy paths become hard. And the hard paths become easier. Looking for the right path to choose in life: stop overthinking it and choose the hard one because that’s the only one in front of you.  Follow your heart, it will not lead you astray.

If you were born on September 4th, you are a realist who is interested in people. Often you need stability and patience to establish order. You take your personal relationships seriously and can be very committed. Beware of turning dictatorial, imposing your views or alienating others. You would be driving away those whose trust you really need. You are generous and deeply loving. Your openness will expose you to a universal compassion and spiritual sensitivity that can heighten your desire to be of service to others. Listen to others, even when they voice negativity, their criticism may be valuable if you give it thought. When negative, you have an inability to let go of the past. When positive, you are generous and deeply loving.

Daily thought for September 4th: Build up your friends, don’t tear them down. Pick your friends, but not to pieces.

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