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September 5 Astrology Reading

Before you answer someone, inhale slowly, exhale slowly, put on a thoughtful expression, and say to yourself, “Well, let me think about that.” If you reply too quickly, your lack of impulse control can sabotage your relationships, your budget, and your self-esteem.

It’s time to look seriously at your impulsive nature, a quality that enhances your naturalness, but can drive others to distraction.  Impulsive behavior becomes a problem when it starts to control your actions beyond logic or happiness or starts to cause distress. We are all victims of impulsive behavior at many points in our lives, but we are not going to miss out by waiting to decide or respond. There is more than one way to solve a problem. It is important to evaluate several potential solutions before springing into action.  Acting impulsively isn’t always a destructive trait. In some cases, risk taking behavior and a tendency to leap without looking can actually help us to function more effectively, and sometimes lead us to the path of adventure.  But be smart about it.  When you feel like acting impulsively, write out sample responses. Then immediately discipline yourself to write out the impacts you would want to happen, and do it before you feel you need to make that decision . The brain loves reward and that’s why it is prone to impulse. Fortunately, it loves routine and habit even more – create some positive ones, they will bring you success!

If you were born on September 5th, you are capable of wonderful fantasies of all sorts. You have a giving and considerate nature, but can sometimes withdraw your affection without warning.  Although creative and intuitive, you often suffer from frustration and difficulty in making decisions about which way to go. As you have a natural flair for dealing with people, you have the ability to make friends anywhere. When in a positive frame of mind, you have a broad-minded and universal approach to life, are sociable, and possess a very warm interest in people.

Daily thought for September 5th: The most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed.

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