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September 6 Astrology Reading

The act of savoring—mining pleasant moments for their joy—is a proven happiness booster. In one study, 101 men and women kept diaries for a month, recording positive activities they participated in and how much they did or didn’t savor them. Those who tended to enjoy a good thing—and share their delight with others—maintained high levels of happiness no matter what the day brought, whereas non appreciators needed positive events to get into a good mood.

Pleasant Moments….   Take things one step at a time, and go with life’s rhythms. Learn to work with fate and try less to control.  No matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control — and if we let them, these things can be a huge source of anger, frustration and stress. Don’t overthink things. That’s probably the wisest advice you can get to help you stop trying to control things and start living in the present. Our thoughts, words and actions in the present moment ultimately shape us as individuals. Live in the moment. Dwelling on things you could have or should have done in the past will only make it more difficult for you to enjoy what is actually happening in your present. Accept that what is happening in this moment is your reality.   No matter how tough a situation in life gets, know that with time, “this too shall pass.”  Smile and be happy!

If you were born on September 6th, you are sociable, with creative ideas. You are happiest when expressing yourself. Your intuitive feelings are usually right and can often help you quickly judge others. Friends and family are extremely important and they serve as a protective buffer between you and the harsher side of life. By being more detached, trusting that you will be taken care of in the larger plan, you are able to have a lighter and more creative approach to life.

Daily thought for September 6th: What we see on TV inevitably becomes a part of our memory bank, becoming background information for justifying our behavior. If what you see isn’t what you want to do, then change what you see!

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