Daily Astrology

September 7 Astrology Reading

Today, if you want to be even more successful, you need to calm down a bit. Learn to share responsibility with others and fit in with the team.  Occasionally allow things to run their course.   Even if you’re pretty laid back, you’ve probably gotten upset numerous times in your life. It’s a normal reaction, but we need to quiet the mind and become more positive.

Walking for just 10 minutes can help us significantly improve our state of mind. Studies have shown that walking can activate nerve cells in our brain that relax the senses. Positive affirmations can help us look at our life in a more positive light and can ease our nervousness about upcoming events. Simply thinking positive thoughts and saying them aloud can help you be less stressed, and a more grounded person. Certain things in our life just cause us to be more exhausted than others, with less value. Identify them, and cut them out.  We’ll all have much more energy and much less stress. Happiness ensues.

If you were born on September 7th, you are reliable and productive and have an inner restlessness that has you exploring new experiences, becoming even more adventurous. Preferring to make your own decisions, you frequently learn best through personal experiences. You seem to be looking for excitement, as you love change and travel. It’s time to simplify your life as much as possible, thus avoiding much of the endless complexity which you not only discover, but so often create.  You seek balance, fairness and justice. With your insight, you can often be visionary. Do not confuse fact with fantasy.

Daily thought for September 7th: One of the best things we can do for our overall health is to carefully monitor our speech habits. Good words are worth much, and cost little.

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