We are now entering the dawning of a New Age — leaving the previous age (Pisces) behind and entering the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.  A powerful change is said to be sweeping through our world, the shift in mood, action and intention can already be seen.  We are in a new beginning, the dream humanity has lived for centuries ends and we awaken to a bright new day, a bright new way.

Now in the Age of Aquarius, everything becomes unified.  All our differences and similarities mix together like the fragrances of a flower shop, with all of the different flowers adding their bouquet to the overall mix until they are inseparable.  Mystically, Aquarius signifies spiritual harmony.  Friendship bursts upon us in its most elevated sense, with understanding, collaboration and fraternity.

Our individual worth comes from inside as we become one with the energy of the universe, with the great cosmic spirit.  This is truly the era of Peace, Love and Music.

Follow us on as we embark on the journey of the metaphysical in this New Age of Aquarius.

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