We all feel down and sad sometimes, and it totally sucks.  When you are ready to turn the page, start out by smiling.  Even if you don’t mean it, you will feel better.  Is what you are upset about really as important as you think?  Did it seem to bother you more than those around you?  If you use reason to cheer yourself up, chances are you’ll feel a lot less sad.  Stop dwelling on past hurts and look to the future.

Each day is a new day.  Just because you were sad yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to be sad today.  Sometimes we need to be sad, so give yourself time to work through it.  Then get a fresh start with a fresh, new day.  Each of us has a good side, show yours.  Be grateful for what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have.  You have all that you need.

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