Dragon's Blood


Dragon’s Blood is the bleeding red sap of a tree. This Socotra dragon tree is an iconic tree with a long history of commercial use. It grows only on the island of Socotra, Yemen, where it lives within remnants of prehistoric ‘Dragon’s Blood’ forest on granite mountains and limestone plateaus.  The Dragon’s Blood Tree resembles an open umbrella, with a straight trunk, which then branches out as the tree matures.  This remarkable tree has been economically important for centuries.  Local people value it as food for livestock.

As the resin sap of the tree hardens, the woodsy aroma is trapped within the hardened sap.  Sap can be purchased in this form, breaking chunks of resin and warming them will open up the sent of Dragon’s Blood. When heated, the resin resembles burning incense with a stronger woody and spicy floral scent that is said to be rich and smoky.

Traditionally burned for love, protection, exorcism and sexual potency, Dragon’s Blood is also an essential oil with a very strong herbal and spicy fragrance.  It is considered to be cleansing and is added in small amounts to Frankincense mixtures and sometimes used in churches.  It is a deep red, shiny resin, used primarily in incense burning.

When burnt, Dragon’s Blood creates a strong herbal and spicy fragrance.  It’s traditionally used in Indian ceremonies to get rid of negative energies and spirits and is regarded as having cleansing properties.  It is also calming and some believe it has aphrodisiac properties, especially if you leave a piece under your mattress.

Heat must be applied to release its fragrance.  Dragon’s Blood can be used in incense in stick form or in cones.  It can also be found as an essential oil.

A year-round favorite, Dragon’s Blood is a potent and earthy fragrance that can be infused with cedar wood, orange, and patchouli essential oils, depending on your individual tastes. Studies are demonstrating Dragon’s Blood’s ability to help with a variety of health concerns in humans, including wound healing, diarrhea and ulcers. Dragon’s blood seems to be an especially popular choice for skin that been compromised by sun exposure, too much exfoliation, or just generally, skin that needs to have inflammation calmed down.

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