If we wish to understand more about the inner workings of our mind, understanding our dreams is a key to this puzzle.  If you dream of running and feeling exhilarated, free and happy, it suggests that you have finally released a great strain in your life or that you have reached a level of accomplishment beyond your expectations.

Dreams are symbolic.  A frightening dream is only trying to show you that you are fearful of something in your life that you are not confronting or resolving.   Your subconscious is trying to protective you and help you achieve clarity so you can grow.   Some dreams we don’t remember because we are not ready to take conscious responsibility for the issues, or because our subconscious is just processing all the different experiences we have had, getting them ready to resurface in another dream at a later time.

Images of freedom, seeing yourself in the great outdoors or in a vast area in a dream, usually indicates your ability to make choices, to be wherever you choose to be, and that a universe of opportunity and achievement awaits you.  Flying is one of the strongest expressions of freedom.

It is important to analyze our dreams.  It is a powerful step in our journey to wellness.  Follow us at for more helpful tips.

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