DREAMING of Open Doorways

Open doorways in a dream invite us to explore opportunities being offered in our life.  Passing through a doorway in a dream typically represents embarking upon a new and exciting period in our life and might herald new developments in our career, relationships, or home life.

Running through a doorway and banging a door behind us might be a sign that we are weighing our positive attitude against our uncertainties to determine what the outcome of a situation might be, and whether or not it would be worth it to go in that direction.   Analyzing our dreams will help us make decisions that we were confused about, if we just take a moment to reflect.

It is important to see that we must look to the present, where we stand, with an eye on the future.  Take responsibility for our actions in the past but don’t dwell on them, only learn from them and strive to do better.  Follow us at www.secretserendipity.com as we take our journey to wellness.

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