Dream of a unicorn


Everyone dreams.  Dreams are a way for our minds to cope with all the information and experiences that make up our lives.  But what are our dreams trying to tell us!

Have you ever dreamed of unicorns?  The appearance of a unicorn, the symbol of purity and truth, in a dream, represents a break from reality and the need to be less serious about life.  It is telling you that it is time to let your inner child out to play.

Dreaming of unicorns also signifies good fortune and happy circumstances.  Things will be going your way and it’s time to enjoy life.

Unicorns also suggests that deep within our subconscious, we know that we are in charge and that nothing can go wrong.  You may feel very successful at that time and have noticed that other people are aware of your success and achievements.  Dreaming of unicorns is the way our subconscious is telling us that we can smile and hold our head high for we have done well!

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