If you dream you are in a flowering garden, this is a symbol of growth.  In dreams, it represents self-identity and confidence.  A flowering garden usually indicates a period of good fortune in your life, and that you are experiencing inner peace and happiness.

A beautiful garden on a bright sunny day express your creative expansion and potential.  It suggests that dreaming about a beautiful garden signifies you are in control and feeling comfortable and settled.  If there is dark, gloomy weather in your garden, you have fears and reservations about an issue in your life.  A beautiful day with clouds in the sky often signifies that you have many opportunities open to you to do whatever you want to do.

The beautiful, colored flowers within the garden usually represent that you are very happy with life and looking forward to each new day.  If part of your garden is dying, you may be feeling upset, depressed or confused.  This would suggest that you are prone to mood swings and uncertainty and that it’s time to fix things in your life that need to be fixed.

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